• on February 5, 2023

Truth and Holiness vs. Error and Ungodliness: An Introduction to the Second Epistle of St. Peter (II Peter 2:1-2)

As one reads through the epistles, one finds that the leaders of the Church were constantly combating false teaching that arose from within the Church itself. In the second epistle of St. Peter, we find a group of false teachers who wanted to use the gospel of Jesus Christ to give Christian people a license to sin. These false teachers scoffed at the idea that there was any future judgment awaiting those who lived an ungodly lifestyle. In this message, Fr. Toms show that far from teaching that Christians are free to live in sin, St. Peter teaches that we must be diligent in the pursuit of a holy life. There is a terrible judgment that awaits false teachers and those who embrace the ungodly lifestyle promoted by them. St. Peter demonstrates that truth matters, because truth leads to holiness, while error leads to ungodliness.

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