Category: Sermons on Acts

The Advancement of the Kingdom of God: An Introduction to the Book of Acts (Acts…
When one reads the book of Acts, we see how a small group of people turned the world upside down by the preaching of the Gospel. One of the main [...]
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Many Infallible Proofs–Part I (Acts 1:1-3)
In the opening verses of the book of Acts, St. Luke tells us that Jesus gave his disciples many infallible proofs of his resurrection from the dead. Why were these [...]
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Many Infallible Proofs–Part II (Acts 1:1-3)
People often say that they would believe in things like the existence of God and the resurrection of Jesus if they just had more proof. The great philosophers, theologians, and [...]
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Many Infallible Proofs–Part III (Acts 1:1-3)
Many people think that faith is believing in something for which there is no proof. In their view, faith must always be tinged with doubt, since people can never be [...]
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Sharing Salt (Acts 1:1-4)–Print Version
The St. Paul’s Pulpit Sharing Salt A Sermon Delivered on April 29, 2018, by Rev. S. Randall Toms, Ph. D. at  St. Paul’s Anglican Church, Baton Rouge, LA   The [...]
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