Category: Sermons on Colossians

When Something More Is Something Less: An Introduction to Colossians (Colossian 2:8-10)
One of the recurring problems in the early church was the presence of people who tried to convince Christians that in order to be spiritually mature and overcome temptation, they [...]
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Paul: The Spokesman for Jesus Christ (Colossians 1:1)
As we read the writings of St. Paul, we find that he frequently defends his apostleship. What was so important about being an apostle that Paul felt the need to [...]
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Saints and Faithful Brethren (Colossians 1:2)
The Scriptures use many words to describe the people of God. The Bible often refers to them, in both Old and New Testaments as “saints.” The apostle Paul used this [...]
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The Power of Truth (Colossians 1:5-7)
Throughout his writings, the apostle Paul expresses his confidence in the power of the truth of the Gospel to convert sinners and edify the saints. In this message, Fr. Toms [...]
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