Category: Sermons on Isaiah

The Lord Is Salvation–An Introduction to the Prophecy of Isaiah (Isaiah 1:1)–Audio Version
Though Isaiah wrote his prophecy in the 8th century B. C., his message is relevant for us in this present hour. Since human nature never changes, it is not surprising [...]
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The Judge Calls His Witnesses: Heaven and Earth (Isaiah 1:2)–Audio Version
Isaiah begins his prophecy exposing the sinfulness of the people of the people Judah and Jerusalem. The book begins in a courtroom setting where God calls witnesses to demonstrate why [...]
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God’s Ungrateful Children (Isaiah 1:2)–Audio Version
As Isaiah begins to enumerate the sins that God’s people have committed against him, he begins with the sin of ingratitude—the ingratitude of his own children. God had been so [...]
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God’s Ignorant Children (Isaiah 1:3)
Human beings were created to know God and have fellowship with him. But when people refuse to live for the glory of God, they descend into a state of moral [...]
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Ah, Sinful Nation! (Isaiah 1:4)
When the prophet Isaiah looks at the sinfulness of the people of God, he lets out a heartfelt, agonizing cry of grief. While the sight of the wickedness of the [...]
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The Burden of Sin and Its Cure (Isaiah 1:4)
Though all of us carry the heavy burdens of the sorrows and trials of this world, the heaviest load of all is the burden of sin. The longer we live [...]
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A Seed of Evildoers (Isaiah 1:4)
Isaiah describes the people of Israel as “a seed of evil doers.” God had intended that the descendants of Abraham would be a righteous people, bringing blessings to the world [...]
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Corrupt and Corrupting (Isaiah 1:4)
The Scriptures describe a sinful lifestyle as “corrupt.” To be “corrupt,” means to live in disobedience to God’s commandments. Therefore, all of us are corrupt in the sight of God. [...]
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The Sin of Forsaking God (Isaiah 1:4)
God looks upon his relationship with his people as a marriage. When people are married, they pledge to be faithful to one another. When we enter into a covenant relationship [...]
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The Sin of Despising God (Isaiah 1:4)
As human beings, we do not realize the depth of human sin. When we are called upon to confess that we are sinners, few people realize what a sinner actually [...]
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