Category: Sermons on Revelation

Worship and Judgment: An Introduction to the Book of Revelation (Rev. 8:1-5)
While many people see the book of Revelation as primarily a description of the end times, in this message, Fr. Toms explains that John’s prophecy is a book of worship. [...]
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Unveiled (Revelation 1:1)
The basic meaning of the word for “revelation” means “to unveil.” What does the book of Revelation “unveil” to the people of God? While many people see John’s prophecy as [...]
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The Memorable Imagery of Revelation (Revelation 1:1)
Readers of the Revelation often find it difficult to understand because of the unusual images that St. John uses throughout the book. In this message, Fr. Toms explains why John [...]
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The Coming Crisis (Revelation 1:1-3)
The book of Revelation is a letter addressed to a group of seven churches in Asia Minor. These churches were being threatened by a totalitarian state, false teaching, and even [...]
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