Category: Sermons on the Psalms

Truth and Beauty–An Introduction to the Psalms (Psalm 1:1)
For thousands of years, the people of God have turned to the Psalms as a source for worship, prayer, comfort, and inspiration. The Psalms contain descriptions of every emotional state [...]
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The Nature of the Happy Life and How to Obtain It (Psalm 1:1)
It is the nature of human beings to strive for happiness, yet very few people attain it. God created us to be happy, but we have forfeited happiness by abandoning [...]
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The Counsel of the Ungodly (Psalm 1:1)
As the Psalmist begins to tell us how to obtain the blessed life, he starts with what we should NOT do. He begins by telling us that we should not [...]
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The Way of Sinners (Psalm 1:1)
God has outlined in his Holy Word a path in which he wants his people to walk. The first Psalm reminds us that all other paths or ways of life [...]
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The Seat of the Scornful (Psalm 1:1)
One of the favorite pastimes of American culture is mocking and sneering at the things of God. People in our society love to scoff at Holy Scripture, the Church, and [...]
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Finding Pleasure in the Word of God (Psalm 1:2)
Some people find the Bible to be a very difficult and boring book, but the Christian is described as someone who meditates in the word of God day and night. [...]
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Christian Meditation (Psalm 1:2)
What image comes to mind when you think of meditation? There are many books on the market about how meditation is the key to good physical and mental health. With [...]
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What Kind of Tree Are You? (Psalm 1:3)
One of the interesting images used in Scripture to describe the godly person is that of a tree. Why would God use trees as symbols of the one who lives [...]
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Christian Prosperity (Psalm 1:3)
One of the obsessions of American culture is prosperity. Perhaps no other concept is occupies the minds of people than how to achieving and maintain unlimited prosperity. Even religious leaders [...]
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The Chaff Driven by the Wind (Psalm 1:4)
In verses 2 and 3 of this first Psalm, the writer has described the rich and satisfying life of the godly person. In verse 4, the Psalmist turns to a [...]
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