• on January 28, 2023

Good News: An Introduction to the Gospels (Luke 1:1-3)

We refer to the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John as “gospels.” In this sermon, Fr. Toms will explain what we mean when we refer to these books as “gospels.” In the course of this study, we will discover that the gospel is good news, the most wonderful proclamation that has ever been made to the world, for the gospels are reliable, true, and accurate histories that infallibly describe in beautiful, moving, narratives what God has done in Jesus Christ to rescue human beings from the guilt and power of sin. These accounts of the life of Christ, along with the rest of the Scriptures, provide us with all the information we need to know with certainty who Jesus Christ is, what he came into the world to do, and what he asks us to do in response to coming into the world.

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